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All the skills to navigate your contracting and consulting needs from start to finish.

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Whether you require general construction, water damage repairs, fire and smoke damage repairs, consulting or mold remediation, XBI can be counted on to provide immediate, quality service with the utmost integrity.

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XBI has a combined experience of over 50 years providing construction, remediation and emergency services to communities in Southern California as well as providing insurance property consulting and estimating services across the United States. Our goal Is to make your home or space livable and workable once again.



XBI mission is to provide construction and consulting services with the utmost integrity, dedication to quality and outstanding customer service.


    RE³Build constomers have benefited from over 100 years of experience. Integrity, trustworthiness and dedication to detail, add value to your business and property.

  • PDF & ESX File Formats

    RE³Build provides accurate measurements and documents that fit within your budget. We are your solution for PDF files of exact data on your roof including squares, ridge, hip and valleys as well as an ESX file for each order.

  • Processed Focused

    With decades of contracting and consulting experience, RE³Build uses the latest technology and process techniques to provide precision at low costs, saving you time and money to our contracting and consulting clients no matter the complexity.


Since 2001, 17 Years of Excellence in the in the contracting and consulting industry.